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5 Conversations You Can Start About Star Wars, Even If You’ve Never Seen It

by The Zeitgeist

Here are 5 things you can say at any party where “Star Wars” is being talked about or even might be talked about. Move the conversation quickly though. You don’t want get caught having to answer if parsecs are units of distance or time with your pants down.

“The Prequels Are Awful”

Just say this at some point. Everyone will agree and more than one person will start in. You will be the hero who started the bashing. If after a few minutes no one has mentioned it (very possible with uber-nerds still talking about midichlorians (pro or con is a deeper Sarlacc pit)) say, “And don’t get me started on Jar-Jar Stinks!”

“Han Shot First”

Be careful with this one. This gets into which version of the film is considered to be “canon” by the group you’re in. If you’re talking the original release, but Jimmy Greedo next to you is talking remastered VHS you might both be right.

“Moisture Farms Could Work You Know…”

This is pure speculation. No one will be able to prove you wrong and you will sound like the nerdiest person in the room. They will assume you’ve put thought into it. If pressed, talk about the Biosphere II project in Arizona and something about water reclamation. Don’t worry about getting pressed any more. Facts are scary and they know it.

“What Are You Guys Doing on May 4th?”

This is a golden ticket. The date is a reference to the line, “May the force be with you.” Get it? May the force… May the 4th. Oh man, so good.

“It’s a Trap!”

Yell this the FIRST time you hear anyone ask anyone to do anything. This is on the tip of every Star Wars nerds tongue at all times. Don’t worry about what it means. You’ll be too busy getting slapped on the back, getting drinks brought to you, and getting asked to host the next party.