About ZaaS

How it Works

Through the power of cultnology™ (culture + technology) and cutting edge backend techniques, we’re able to deliver zeitgeist knowledge in real time—at the moment you need it most.

With offices located in the troposphere, our cloud-based zeitgeist as a service (ZaaS) provides instant, data-driven street cred without holier-than-thou in-house IT personnel.

Whether you’re a mom struggling to make conversation with your entitled Millennial offspring, or a full service digital marketing agency making pathetic plays to maintain an illusion of knowing what the fuck is actually going on, ZaaS is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Meet the Team

Matzah Diamond
Chief Operating Officer
Short Bio

I'm a serial entrepreneur with over 14 dog years experience creating companies of good boys and good girls. When I'm not running Zaas, I'm just an LA puppy living those Hollywood nights.

Leia Gold
Director of Culture
Short Bio

I've got a bone to pick with companies that don't prioritize fostering a great culture. Culture is key to your growth. You need things like free peanut butter, walking meetings and making every room in your office a nap room to be competitive. Also, did someone mention a bone?

Jade Platinum
Director of Technology
Short Bio

I develop the backend... after sniffing it to make sure we're friends.